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Review SOAR ICO project - To Build The First Decentralized Global Super-Map

Soar is a decentralized platform for the distribution of drone content using state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Soar intends to build a super-map of the world at an unprecedented level of detail. The mapping technology behind Soar was developed as a parallel system for use in various applications and industries ranging from mining, agriculture through to security and defense.
Review SOAR ICO project - To Build The First Decentralized Global Super-Map

Review SOAR ICO project - To Build The First Decentralized Global Super-Map

"Soar is a decentralized global super-map of the world built on blockchain technology. The super-map will include access to all mapping systems including daily satellite imagery feeds, through to high-resolution aerial sensors from planes and drone content collected by the greater community. All connected using blockchain technology to connect and share dynamic mapping data"

Table of Contents

  1. What is Soar?
  2. Soar Dev Team & Advisors
  3. Soar Development Plan
  4. Soar ICO details (Token Sale)
  5. Soar Partners, Investors and Community

What is Soar?

Leading Australian geospatial mapping technology company, Soar has announced their highly anticipated Token Generation Event (TGE) designed to fund the launch of the world’s first decentralized global platform for the distribution of drone content and maps.
What is Soar?
Soar is a global decentralized platform for exchanging content from unmanned aerial vehicles. Soar is connecting the drone operators with high-resolution photographic users (photos, videos), using Soar's super-global hypermarket, similar to Google. Earth but has a resolution of 10x. Soar is building a map that the world has never seen before.
What is Soar?
Soar is something similar to Google Map but much better!!
Soar’s stage 1 is the initiation of its global drone content marketplace platform, which company founder and CEO, Amir Farhand believes will be the go-to place for almost any content that drones produce at both consumer and commercial levels.
Soar Solution
One of the most important things about Soar.Earth is that the project has Krypital Group as the marketing partner. Krypital Group is a leading marketing firm specializes in comprehensive Blockchain marketing services to clients worldwide. Krypital Group has promoted for many great & successful projects, which includes CyberMiles, ArcBlock, Merculet, Egretia.

Soar Dev Team & Advisors

Soar Development Team

Soar Development Team
Soar Development Team has 8 core members, includes: 
  1. Amir Farhand  - CEO & Geospatial Expert 
  2. Charlie Caruso  - Head of Partnerships 
  3. Chris Lowe  - Lead Blockchain Scientist 
  4. Neil Prentice - Blockchain & Marketing 
  5. Marek Tlacbaba  - Blockchain Developer 
  6. Alasdair Penman  -  Blockchain Developer 
  7. Dan Anderson  - UX & Graphics Designer 
  8. Willem Swanepoel  - Lead Mobile Developer 
There isn't any information about the profile of the DEV team. (Linkedin, Twitter..)

Soar Advisors

This  project has a strong advisory team with 10 people and many of those are from the U.S army; many are blockchain experts or ICO experts.
Soar Advisors
List of 10 Advisor:
  1. Phil Carulli: Non-Executive Director - Optima Partners Accountants 
  2. Colonel James Rhetta: Retired US Army - Signals Processing Expert 
  3. Guy Perkins: Non-Executive Director - Spookfish Aerial Imagery 
  4. Craig Baldner: Retired US Army - Communications Expert 
  5. Rick Revelins: Investment Advisor - Chairman Peregrine Corporate 
  6. Alex Maier: ICO Advisor - Director Fidem 
  7. Nizam Ismali: Legal Advisor - Partner Taylor Wessing 
  8. Todd Burgess: Blockchain Advisor - Director Digital Capital Managment 
  9. Tommy Shin: ICO Advisor - Chairman Lateral Capital Ventures 
  10. Jim Jin: Blockchain Investment Advisor - Co-Founder MasterNode Ventures 
The profile of the advisory board has also not been shown yet. We have to wait for more information from Soar Team.

Soar Development Plan

The idea of ​​Soar has started since Aug, 2017, with endless effort, the group has now released the demo version at http://demo.soar.earth/. The main-net of Soar (stage 1) is also expected to be released in September, 2018 - it's great that the project has products available before the Token Sale event.
Soar Development Plan
Some important milestones of Soar project: 
  • May 2018: Release the whitepaper 
  • June 2018: Start Soar Pre-Sale 
  • October 2018: Release Soar Stage 1 on the Main-net
  • December 2018: Release mobile application for the Stage 1 
  • April 2019: Release the Stage 2 Super-Map to the Test-net 
  • May 2019: Release the Stage 2 Super-Map to the Main-net 
For more details about Soar road-map, please visit Soar official website at https://soar.earth/

Soar ICO details (Token Sale)

Soar Token details

  • Token Name: Soar Token 
  • Symbol: SKYM 
  • Token type: Utility token, ERC-20 standard 
  • Total supply: 350,000,000 SKYM. 
Soar ICO details (Token Sale)

SKYM Token Distribution: 

  • Team (12.3%): 43,000,000 SKYM 
  • Ecosystem (19.4%0): 68,000,000 SKYM 
  • Community (15.4%): 58,000,000 SKYM 
  • Partnerships (13.7%): 48,000,000 SKYM 
  • Advisors (2%): 7,000,000 SKYM 
  • Private Sale (32.9%): 115,000,000 SKYM 
  • Public Sale (4.3%): 15,000,000 SKYM

Soar Private Sale details:

Soar Pre-Sale has already opened for contribution. You can join the Soar Pre-Sale by filling up the registration form at https://soar.earth/presale.html
There is no further information about the Private Sale at the moment. Usually, we will need these basic info in every token sale event:
- Total token available in the Private Sale: 115,000,000 SKYM 
- Timeline (The start date-time and the end date-time): unknown
- Token price: unknown
- Softcap: unknown
- Hardcap: unknown
- Minimum contribution: unknown
- Maximum contribution: unknown
I will update the details as soon as receiving official information from the Team.

Soar Public Sale details:

The Soar Public Sale will be taken place via Tokeneed platform. Similar to the Public Sale events of Merculet, Egretia or Eloncity. You only need to register an account at Tokeneed and verify KYC documents once to join all the projects on this platform (no need to register and verify KYC in each project).
▶▶ Register an account at Tokeneed and get 2% addition bonus HERE.
If you need help about creating an account at Tokeneed, please refer to this article for help: How to create Tokeneed account, KYC Approved
Some basic information about Soar Public Sale:
- Total token available in the Public Sale: 15,000,000 SKYM 
- Timeline: unknown
- Token price: unknown
- Softcap: unknown
- Hardcap: unknown
- Minimum contribution: unknown
- Maximum contribution: unknown
I will update the details as soon as receiving official information from the Team.

Soar Partners, Investors and Community

Soar Investors

Soar has already secured several cornerstone investments from technology funds including Lateral Capital Ventures, Peregrine Corporate, Alium Capital and Otsana Capital. At the moment, there are 9 capitals has already invested in Soar project.
Soar Investors
List of 9 capitals and organizations invested in Soar:
  1. JRR Crypto (website: http://www.eosjrr.io/): A Capital based in China that also sent cornerstone investment to Eloncity project.
  2. NODE Capital (http://www.nodecap.com/
  3. GrandShores Ventures 
  4. Lateral Captial Ventures (https://www.lateralcapitalventures.com/
  5. Alium Capital Management (https://aliumcap.com/ ) 
  6. OSANA Capitalhttps://otsana.com/ ) 
  7. PEREGRINE CORPORATION, from Australia (Website: https://www.peregrine.com.au/ ) 
  8. ViaBit 
  9. Takor Group, from Australia (Website: http://takor.com.au/)

Soar Partners

Soar's partners includes:
  • Krypital Group: Communication partner/ Marketing partner
  • Tokeneed: ICO platform 
  • Aliababa Cloud: Offer cloud hosting and computing power services to users once the platform is launched
  • And other partners.
Soar Partners

Soar Community

Soar project has just introduced for about 2 weeks but the community has been growing very fast on popular social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, Bitcointalk...)
At the time I wrote this articles:
  • Soar on Reddit: 988 subscriber
  • Soar on Facebook: 2351 follower 
  • Soar on Twitter: 1619 follower 
  • Soar on Telegram: 5619 member 
  • Soar thread on Bitcointalk: 120 reply (comment)

More details about SOAR project can be found at: 

This article was written by JQCrypto (Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2333640)
Thanks for reading!


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