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Eloncity Cornerstone Investment - Update List Of Venture Capitals that Invests in Eloncity

Eloncity ICO is one of the hottest projects in 2018. With great ideas, along with an excellent development team, Eloncity has received the attention of blockchain investment community, including individual investors and big capitals.

Eloncity Cornerstone Investment - Update List Of Venture Capitals that Invests in Eloncity

Eloncity has received cornerstone investments of many big and famous Venture Capitals, including OK Blockchain Capital and Krypital Group. At the moment, Eloncity has received Cornerstone Investment from 16 venture capitals that officially announced on the website & Twitter channel:
  1. Krypital Group
  2. OK Blockchain Capital
  3. StarWin Capital 
  4. Ceyuan Digital Assets 
  5. Fenbushi Digital 
  6. JRR Capital 
  7. LD Crypto 
  8. Colinstar Capital 
  9. Horman Capital 
  10. InterBlock Capital 
  11. Fly Fund 
  12. Decentrust Capital 
  13. Qingzheng Capital 
  14. Gravity Capital (GVC.PE) 
  15. Buffet's 10 dollars 
  16. Powerlink Labs
Now, we are exploring which capitals have been funding the Cornerstone Investment to Eloncity!

1) Krypital Group

Krypital Group is a leading consulting firm that provides professional and comprehensive blockchain marketing services to clients globally. Krypital Group is not only the media partner of Eloncity but also one of Eloncity Cornerstone Investors.
Krypital Group announced in a tweet since Jul 16:
We are thrilled to announce a cornerstone investment in @Eloncity_io! #ELONCITY has developed technology that saves end consumers money that would otherwise be lost in the inefficient centralized model, while simultaneously decreasing the global carbon footprint.

2) OK Blockchain Capital

OK Blockchain Capital is a Digital Asset Investment & Financial Institution under OKGroup, the parent company of OKEx - the world's largest exchanges on traded volume basis.
OK Blockchain Capital features:
  • World-leading digital asset exchange 
  • Expert of blockchain technology with years of experience in the industry 
  • A world-class team of professionals with expertise in technology, investment, marketing and operations 
  • Blockchain believers who aim to revolutionize global economy, taking the lead to reshape the future of our world 
OK Blockchain Capital can provide:
  • Consultation
  • Technology
  • Capital
  • Resources
  • Trading
Eloncity Team announced the partnership in a tweet, on Jul 15:
ELONCITY officially announces the receival of cornerstone investment from the multinational investment firm  @OKCapital_ . We look forward to future collaboration and partnership with OK Blockchain Capital in the application of clean energy solutions!
The cornerstone investment of OK Blockchain Capital is an important factor for the success of Eloncity and we can believe that the Eloncity token #ECT will be listed to trade on OKEx exchange as soon as the ICO finished.
For more details about OK Blockchain Capital, please visit:

3) StarWin Capital

Starwin Capital is a financial platform that specializes in global venture capital and growth services, cloud computing/big data/AI, financial technologies, and cross industry networking.
Eloncity in a tweet on July 18:
We are thrilled to announce new investment from Starwin Capital, a financial platform that specializes in global venture capital and growth services, cloud computing/big data/AI, financial technologies, and cross industry networking.

4) Fenbushi Digital

Established in 2015, Fenbushi Capital is the first venture capital firm based in China, specializing in investing in companies that support Blockchain. Fenbushi Capital aims to advance the inevitable future of the Blockchain economy by supporting as many companies as possible - Blockchain technology will play an important role in bringing transparency, efficiency and vigor. more for the global economy.
Fenbushi Digital
Eloncity Team announced the cornerstone investment from Fenbushi Capital in a tweet, on Jul 18:
We are excited to team up with @fenbushi, China’s first venture capital firm specializing in blockchain technology and related enterprise investments. Fengbushi Capital has developed nearly 50 diversified global portfolios valued at over $50 million.
Some famous & succeed projects that Fenbushi Digital has invested in includes: Siacoin (#SC); TenX (#PAY), Vechain, ZCash ...
For further information about OK Blockchain Capital can be found at:
  • Website: http://www.fenbushi.vc/
  • Email: contact@fenbushi.vc
  • Address: 99 Lujiazui West Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China.

5) LD Capital

LD Capital is one of Asia's earliest organizations focusing on blockchain innovation projects within finance, games, content publishing, Internet of Things and other circuits. They have been propelling broad layout of blockchain technology and infrastructure construction to facilitate the comprehensive development of the global blockchain ecosystem.
LD Capital spread over China, the United States, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, and has accumulated rich experience in areas of traditional internet, Fintech, and advanced blockchain technology.
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from LD Capital in a tweet, on Jul 23:
Welcome to our newest investor LD Capital, a digital asset investment fund, specializing in blockchain technologies. LD Capital is primarily focused on blockchain finance, content, gaming, IoT, and emerging technologies. We look forward to our future collaboration!
Some famous & succeed projects that LD Capital has invested in includes: Qtum, Vechain, EOS, Binance, Kucoin, Ethereum... all of which have achieved 100 times the profit. 
More details about LD Capital:

6) Horman Capital

Horman Capital is a VC organization that invests primarily in early stage and growth stage businesses that possess dedicated teams and innovative technologies able to disrupt large, traditional, inefficient industries.
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from Horman Capital in a tweet, on Jul 23.
More details about Horman Capital:

7) CollinStar Capital

Colinstar Capital is a fully integrated asset management firm specializing in blockchain infrastructure, digital currency investments and related consulting services. Collinstar Capital aims to provide high quality financial services to corporate clients, high net worth individuals and individual investors. 
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from Colinstar Capital in a tweet, on Jul 24.
More details about Colinstar Capital:

8) InterBlock Capital

Interblock Capital is a Canadian encrypted currency and certificate investment fund that focuses on blockchain venture investments, resource and information exchanges, and consulting services.
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from InterBlock Capital in a tweet, on Jul 25.

9) JRR Crypto

JRR Crypto has experiences of over a 100-year-old Investment Banking standard, lead the global IB economy, bring distributed innovation into the IB framework and transcend the traditional “Goldman Saches”, integrating the P2P concept into our 3 major philosophy of Co-sharing, Co-managing, and Co-advancing within the 7 defined sectors.
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from JRR Crypto in a tweet, on Jul 26:
We are extremely fortunate to have received venture funding from JRR Crypto. With experience in the energy sector, JRR Crypto is not only a valuable resource in the field of Blockchain but possess skills to aid the exponential development of #ELONCITY distributed renewable energy
Some famous & succeed projects that JRR Crypto has invested in includes: Merculet, Quackchain, Binance...

More details about JRR Crypto:

10) Fly Fund

Fly Fund is a joint investment venture between Dalin Group and Juntian Investment Co. Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from Fly Fund in a tweet, on Jul 29:

11) Qingzheng Capital

Qingzheng Capital is a prominent investor in news, digital asset trading platforms, IoT, and app development. Qingzheng has 5+ years of experience in blockchain venture capital funding.
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from Qingzheng Capital in a tweet, on Aug 01

12) Decentrust Capital

Decentrust Capital mainly focuses on the long-term development of innovative projects. Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from Decentrust Capital in a tweet, on Aug 03.
Decentrust Capital has invested in many successful projects, such as Fusion, Cybermiles, Arcblock, Vechain, and Qtum.

13) Powerlink Labs

Powerlink Labs is also a venture capital fund, with hundreds of blockchain-related reports, blockchain use-cases, published by Powerlink Labs and more than 1 million readers worldwide. Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from Powerlink Labs in a tweet, on Aug 05.

14) Gravity Capital (GVC.PE)

Gravity Capital (GVC.PE) was established in February 2018, Gravity Capital is an investment organization specializing in the blockchain industry. They are one of the first professional investment institutions that laid the groundwork for the industry blockchain ecology. As a blockchain eco-level investment bank, GVC's investments include infrastructure, application agreements, and global financial services in the blockchain ecosystem.
GVC's global investment network includes Silicon Valley - USA, Singapore, Japan, Korea and other regions, and establishes close strategic partnerships with top-level projects in many countries.
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from JRR Crypto in a tweet, on Aug 06.
Some other projects that Gravity Capital has successfully invested in: Verge (XVG), Railblock (NANO), ElasticDecred...

More details about Gravity Capital:
15) Ceyuan Digital Assets

Ceyuan is a Beijing-based early stage venture capital firm focused on IT and emerging growth companies. CeYuan Ventures aims to support businesses in creating and building world-class businesses. CeYuan Ventures has now expanded its offices throughout the world, including: Shanghai, China; Admiratly, Hong Kong; and San Francisco, California - USA.
Eloncity Team has officially announced the cornerstone investment from Ceyuan Digital Assets in a tweet, on Aug 09.
Ceyuan Digital Assets
Ceyuan Digital Assets has also successfully invested in OKCoin project - OK Finance Global Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange platform.
More details about Ceyuan Digital Assets:
  • Established in 1999
  • Headquarters: Beijing, China.
  • Website: www.ceyuan.com
  • Phone: 86 10 8402 8800

16) Buffet's 10 dollars

Buffet's is officially listed on the Investor board of the website https://eloncity.io/ but there is no announcement from the team about this cornerstone investment. We will wait for further information from the team.

And more investors is coming, don't miss any great news by following the Twitter channel of Eloncity  at https://twitter.com/Eloncity_io 

Eloncity Overview: One of the most potential project in 2018

Eloncity decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competitive to utilities. Energy price becomes transparent to all. People use eloncity's open technologies to make electricity virtually free so that we can electrify the world with clean energy.
To sum it up, Eloncity tries to build a community power facility by using the “decentralized new energy community power supply + energy storage equipment”, and gradually complete the group grid connection of the smart grid micro community in order to establish a decentralized community electricity exchange market.
Eloncity's goal is not to replace centralized power generation. Instead, it hopes to reduce residents’ dependence on a centralized power supply system and improve overall resource utilization.
The Overview of Eloncity ICO Project
Eloncity is the 5th project that introduced by Krypital Group - a leading consulting firm that provides professional and comprehensive blockchain marketing services. The firm has become very famous and legit since promoting all the succeed ICO projects, includes CyberMiles, ArcBlock, Merculet, Egretia.

Find more details and my reviews about Eloncity with the following articles:
The Public Sale event of Eloncity was planned to start for contribution in September 2018 via Tokeneed ICO platform. If you do not have an account at Tokeneed yet, sign up via this link to get 3% addition bonus.

For more details about Eloncity, please visit:

- Eloncity Official Website: http://eloncity.io/
- Krypital Bounty Group: https://t.me/KrypitalBounty
- Eloncity Group: https://t.me/Eloncity
- Krypital News: https://t.me/KrypitalNews

Thanks for reading!

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