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How to create Tokeneed account, KYC Approved and Join the Public Sale of Eloncity ICO

In the Private Sale round of Eloncity ICO, the minimum contribution is $200,000 - that is not for small and individual investors (like me) who are only ready to invest from hundreds to under $50,000. So we have to wait for the Public Sale (Main Sale) round which expected to open in this Q3/2018 (maybe in August).

The Overview of Eloncity - A high potential ICO in 2018

Krypital Group is a leading consulting firm that provides professional and comprehensive blockchain marketing services. The firm has become very famous and legit since promoting all the succeed ICO projects, which includes CyberMiles, ArcBlock, Merculet, Egretia. And Eloncity will be the next one.
The Overview of Eloncity ICO Project
The Eloncity project is born to apply new advanced block-chain technology into the management of generation and distribution energy power of our world. Eloncity is a model for the planning, constructing and operating community-based renewable Microgrid
ELONCITY decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competitive to utilities. Energy price becomes transparent to all. People use eloncity's open technologies to make electricity virtually free so that we can electrify the world with clean energy.

AI Grid Foundation (Foundation), a non-profit organization based in Singapore and an advocate for employing decentralized renewable energy as possible pathway to address our energy challenges. They find an attainable energy future that is safer, cleaner, more profitable, more accessible to all. They believe the shared and consensus-based blockchain technology is vital for building the collaborative decentralized renewable energy future.

They recognize that crypto utility token is an effective and efficient catalyst to create open, leveled and unified renewable energy marketplace for linking energy consumers with product and service providers around the world. They collaborate with global technology and financial partners, local governments and public agencies, communities, and advocacy groups, non-profit organization and other stakeholders to build a collective pathway to that future.

Here are my serial articles about Eloncity which includes my reviews & updates about the project:

How to join Eloncity Public Sale via Tokeneed platform

    Eloncity #ECT Token Details

    Eloncity #ECT Token Details
    Eloncity Token (#ECT):
    • Token code: ECT
    • Token type: ERC-20 standard
    • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 ECT (Fixed, no inflation)
    Eloncity Token Distribution:
    • Max open token sales: 32% (320,000,000 ECT)
    • Mining for stored renewables: 32% (320,000,000 ECT)
    • Team: 7.5% (75,000,000 ECT)
    • ELONCITY Lab: 14.5% (145,000,000 ECT)
    • Marketing: 14% (140,000,000 ECT)

    Eloncity Public Sale via Tokeneed platform

    Eloncity ICO Funding calling details:

    • Soft cap:   $ 10,000,000.
    • Hard cap:  $ 33,000,000, includes:
    • Cornerstone contribution: $ 6,000,000
    • Private Sale $ 19,000,000
    • Public Sale: $ 8,000,000
    Eloncity Public Sale (Main Sale):
    • Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH
    • Maximum contribution: 3 ETH (or equivalent)
    • Token release:  ECT token will be distributed (via Tokeneed account) within 6 weeks after the public sale finished.
    Currently, there is no official information for the Eloncity Public Sale (price, opening ...). The Team only announced that the Public Sale will open in Q3/2018 (In August or September)

    Eloncity Public Sale will take place via Tokeneed platform - familiar ICO platform. The main sale of Merculet and Egretia ICO previously also took place via this platform.
    Eloncity Public Sale via Tokeneed platform
    If you are an ICO investor, you should have an account at Tokeneed, because it has many advanced features that all investors need. With Tokeneed ICO platform, we can join a lot of potential ICOs and no need to verify KYC documents in each project; no more GAS-war in sending ETH during the ICO opening.
    To join the Public Sale event of Eloncity, just easily visit Tokeneed website, make deposit(s) and wait for the Public Sale open to buy ECT token. Make sure your Tokeneed account has been approved KYC firstly.
    The following is my detailed tutorial how to create an account at Tokeneed and submit KYC documents to get approved 100%.

    How to create Tokeneed account and KYC Approved

    Step 1: Create an account at Tokeneed:

    Go to Tokeneed website via this link: https://tokeneed.com/, click Sign Up (When you Sign up via this link you will receive 2% addition bonus when joining any ICO project via Tokeneed platform)
    Step 1: Create an account at Tokeneed:
    Then, fill out the registration form:
    - Make sure the Referred by 4227be622f1fae5c (you will receive addition bonus)
    - Fill you Email  Address then click Send. Check your email to get the activation code)
    - Enter your desired Login Password (twice)
    Enter your desired Transaction Password  (twice)
    - Tick the box "I agree..."
    - Then click Sign Up button to finish.

    Step 2: Verify your KYC Documents

    After Sign Up successfully, you log into Tokeneed account and go to Profile => KYC Authentication where you can submit your KYC documents (KYC - Know Your Customer).
    Verify your KYC Documents
    Input your details exactly into the form (your full name, gender, nationality, ID card number) and upload 3 photos (clear images that scanned or captured by a smartphone), including:
    01 Photo of the FRONT of your government ID.
    01 Photo of the REAR of your government ID.
    01 Photo of your Selfie portrait, holding the front of your ID.

    Photo of  your Selfie portrait, holding the front of your ID.

    After uploading, click Confirm to send your document to Tokeneed Team and wait for a while for your KYC documents to be approved (usually 1-2 business days)
    In case your KYC documents is declined, they will email you the reason (usually due to the blurry photo), you have to capture clear pictures send again. You may also contact Tokeneed Team directly via Telegram channel at https://t.me/tokeneed
    Now just wait until the Eloncity Public Sale open!

    For more information and updates about Eloncity project, visit:

    - Eloncity Group: https://t.me/Eloncity
    - Krypital News: https://t.me/KrypitalNews

    Thanks for reading !

    My Tutorial Video: How to create Tokeneed account, submit KYC documents for approval and Join the Eloncity Public Sale

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