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Eloncity Team has just updated the Whitepaper V 0.91

After a long time of expecting, the Eloncity Whitepaper V 0.87 has first released on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 that provided mostly essential information about the project for all investors & crypto community who interested in.
Eloncity Team has just updated the Whitepaper V 0.91
Today, the Team has just updated the Whitepaper to version V 0.91 with many notable changes. In this article, we will discuss & review the Eloncity solutions in detail through the Whitepaper.

Eloncity Team has just updated the Whitepaper V 0.91

The main contents of the Whitepaper:
  • Problems of Modern Centralized Power Grid
  • The Solution - The Eloncity Model
The Whitepaper provides all information that investors may need, includes the idea, the solution, the team & advisors, the project plan (roadmap)...

1. Problems of Modern Centralized Power Grid

By providing a series of specific evidences and examples of incidents occurring in California, the U.S and around the world, Eloncity has very well argued over the issues of centralized power distribution systems. These are environmental and public health issues in power generation, the safety and reliability of centralized systems; and high electricity costs. Hence, it leads to the necessity of creating a decentralized generation and distribution network.
Some problems of centralized power grid model:
- Environmental and public health issues,
- Safety and reliability issues
- Adaptability and resilience
- Electricity price is not competitive
In the past hundred years, a centralized power supply has contributed to the popularization and economic benefits of electricity. But as consumers are in pursuit of high efficiency and low costs, a centralized power supply mode is no longer consistent with future energy development requirements. The global power supply mode has shown a backflow trend from a centralized power supply to a decentralized power supply.
The Solution - The Eloncity Model

2. The Solution - The Eloncity Model

Given the challenges faced by natural disasters, population growth and climate change, new approaches to energy production and distribution are needed. The solutions must ensure a vibrant and sustainable development for all.
An intelligent networked battery energy storage system (BESS) deployed on the customer premise harmonizes the local electricity supply and demand. The customer-based or community-based renewable generation, such as solar PVs coupled with an intelligent networked BESS, would fulfill all or nearly all of the local energy demands.
Community DC power networks use renewable DC power more efficiently by eradicating energy loss from repeated AC-DC-AC conversions as well as eliminating the needs for costly AC power ancillary services.
Combining the local DC grid, DCBus Scheduler, with the networked BESS, would remove the need for costly ancillary services while eliminating the loss from repeated AC-DC-AC conversions. ELONCITY has collaborated with a coalition of global partners to develop key building block technologies for the ELONCITY model over the past four years. The collaborative efforts have resulted in a commercially
launched intelligent networked BESS, energy management software, DC appliances, and customer-based renewable power generators. These technologies have successfully deployed hundreds of buildings to achieve energy self-sufficiency.
ELONCITY believes in using evolving battery energy storage technology, photovoltaic arrays, small wind turbines, and renewable fuels that can be obtained in the community environment, a new type of power infrastructure that will help more and more communities build a decentralized miniaturized smart grid to balance the local supply and demand of renewable energy. The intelligent connection of these regional power networks can achieve a balance of supply and demand at the city level.

3. Decentralized Energy Architecture

In this chapter, the team describes the Eloncity solution in very details. The Crypto-economic Framework, Eloncity Token Protocol (ECTP), Eloncity Token (ECT), Decentralized Energy Storage and Renewable Generation.
We can also learn more about the concept of Direct Current Microgrids, DC Powered Homes, ECTP Operation, Hierarchical Chain and Power Flow Management, ECTP and DCbus – Local Power Flows Balancing and Optimization, Transforming EV Charging, Base Load Service Provider (BLSP) Roles,
Integration with Centralized Grid.
Those are all technical concepts that helps investors deeply understand the Eloncity solution. The project is practical, feasible and really effective.
The Solution - The Eloncity Model

4. Multifaceted Approach & Market Development

Three aspects discussed here are: Community (Eloncity Community Development), Finance (Eloncity Project Financing Infrastructure) and Regulatory (Collaborative and Equitable Framework).
Eloncity Community Development
The Eloncity Model is about decentralizing, a move towards localization, from unbundling the centralized energy services to shared consensus blockchain ledger to crypto utility token. The Eloncity is not limited to the technical efforts to reshape the energy infrastructure, it also about replacing the bureaucratically burdened hierarchies and inefficient centralized systems with socially decentralized solutions, and empowering communities and individuals to participate in creating a vibrant, safe, secure, healthy, sustainable and equitable energy future.
Eloncity Project Financing Infrastructure
Performance-based requirements combined with revolving loan funds will be an important strategy for mobilizing the private capitals to drive wide-scale proliferation of decentralized renewable energy. The Foundation will collaborate with financial partners, government agencies, and other key stakeholders to establish revolving loan funds. The revolving loan fund’s goal is to contribute to the upfront capital for initiating the project in communities that lack access to such funding. The performance-based projects demonstrate their merits by producing real and meaningful energy savings for the community members while generating the required return-of-investment to pay back the startup loans. The repaid loans will be used to finance the  subsequent Eloncity projects.
The Eloncity Model is designed to become sustainable without requiring ongoing support from donations or ratepayer funds. The Eloncity development launch will be based on the revolving loans initially. However, it will transition to self-funded projects by developing and delivering portfolios of Eloncity projects that generate steady income streams. The Eloncity projects will fulfill customer’s energy needs with on-site or locally produced clean energy more competitively than any centralized or non-integrated energy model. Eloncity project developers will raise funds to finance the development of new Eloncity projects by selling the incomeproducing Eloncity portfolio to investors as asset-backed securities. To attract significant additional capital, the Foundation will assist Eloncity project developers to work with risk management service providers to evaluate and provide insurance against the risk of the Eloncity portfolio’s revenue volatility.
Collaborative and Equitable Framework
One of the key barriers to effective proliferation of decentralized renewable energy is the inability of government regulatory and policy to keep pace with the technology innovations. Moreover, institutional red tape and bureaucracies, as well as the high infrastructure cost of the centralized power grids further entrenched this roadblock. However, the regional and local governments are the ideal customers for Eloncity Model because their mandates are aligned with Eloncity’s overarching goals of attaining an energy future that is safe, secure, sustainable, vibrant and equitable for all. Therefore, the Eloncity Model represents the ideal framework for local government’s city and urban planning, which include building code, public health, public works, and security.

5. Eloncity Team and Implementation

The Eloncity development team (key person), advisor board and the road-map described in the Whitepaper is the same as showed on the official website, you can find at http://eloncity.io.

For more details about Eloncity, please visit:

- Official website: http://eloncity.io/?utm_source=Content&utm_medium=Bounty&utm_campaign=B000298
- Eloncity Group: https://t.me/Eloncity
- Krypital News: https://t.me/KrypitalNews

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