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Review The ABYSS project - The World's First DAICO for Applying Blockchain Technology into Gaming Industry

1. DAICO - The New Trending For Blockchain-Project's Funding

What is DAICO?

Proposed by one of the most brilliant faces of blockchain technology today, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, DAICO can be seen as a new model of modern decentralized capital investment.
1. DAICO - The New Trending For Blockchain-Project's Fund Calling
DAICO is short for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). DAICO helps to put in place more stringent management rules for ICO projects to avoid risks to investors, through rigorous rules. DAICO allows voters to vote for reimbursement of contributions if they are dissatisfied with the development process of the project development team. In DAICO projects, the project development team is subject to a degree of responsibility to the investor and helps the token owners to be more secure, guaranteed to be product of minimum profitability. or be refunded.
Three main DAICO elements derived from the DAO:
- First, never put absolute trust in a centralized project team. Capital contributions from the beginning were determined by the electoral system.
- Secondly, capital accumulation is not spent in one time but by a mechanism of spending money gradually over time to time.
- And finally the opportunity to refund the capital contribution. This decision is based on 'crowd consent', which means that investors may vote to withdraw the remaining funds if the project team fails to do so.
Find more details about DAICO and how DAICO works at Cointelegraph's explaination:

2. What are the benefits / advantages of DAICO in comparison to ICO?

DAICO allows investors to control more capital. Special powers of investors participating in DAICO is that they can ask for a vote to cancel DAICO and withdraw the remaining funds, in case they are not satisfied with the project.
If the project team is doing well, they will receive the next TAP from the investment group to continue pursuing the new objectives. Conversely, if the project team is stagnant or has a signal of fraud, investors can withdraw the remaining balance immediately to no loss.

Review The ABYSS project - The World's First DAICO for Applying Blockchain Technology into Gaming Industry

The ABYSS  is the next generation digital distribution platform, delivering all kinds of video games (Game MMO Free2Play and cryptogame as the main priority), including AAA titles, into the growing global gaming community. . Unlike other gaming platforms (Steam, Origin, GOG, ...), The Abyss offers a revolutionary introductory and motivational system that allows gamers to make money not only from the game but from the action. social games and payment systems. By joining Abyss, developers will reduce the cost of advertising and receive additional revenue from payments from other games on the platform.
Review The ABYSS project - The World's First DAICO for Applying Blockchain Technology into Gaming Industry

1. What is The Abyss DAICO Project?

The ABYSS is the DAICO project to create a mathematical reward system for gamers and developers alike. The Abyss issued a token for the first time based on the improved and superior DAICO model, allowing the token holder to manage the withdrawal limit, providing the option to vote for a refund of the money invested in the school. Team development failed to implement the plan.
Blockchain Platform The Abyss offers all kinds of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames are top priority), including AAA title games for the community. TheAbyss is a project initiated by Destiny, a Russian-based company that distributes games, has a history of over 10 years. Destiny's current titles TERA, Botva, Music Wars etc ...
The Abyss offers a multi-level affiliate marketing system that allows players to earn revenue from in-game activities, social networks, and other paid players. By joining The Abyss, developers will reduce their marketing costs and receive additional revenue from marketing payments made in other games on the platform.
Basic Features of The Abyss:
  • It is a comprehensive ecosystem that provides services to the participants
  • Is a statistical platform that provides all the data and information required for game developers
  • Provides motivational programs that encourage gamers to participate in the game
  • Affiliate marketing offers commission to pay bonuses to brokers
  • Create a dual currency exchange environment (ABYSS - Cryptocurrency)
  • System, auction program items in the game
2. What is TheAbyss' Solution?

2. What is TheAbyss' Solution?

ABYSS tokens were created to serve the ecosystem of The Abyss. Abyss Token is an ERC-20 standard tokens running on the Ethereum platform. Abyss tokens are limited, and one third of revenue from the CPA Network platform and auction transactions are destroyed.
ABYSS Token will be the main mechanism on the Abyss platform. Most of the various internal services will use the ABYSS token. Your earnings will also be paid with a token. When The Abyss receives the payment, 70% is for the game developer and they will keep the remaining 30%. One third of their earnings will be distributed to affiliate referrals. Referrals will receive 4%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1% of your recommended 1-5 payouts.
Special features of the Abyss Token:
  1. Earn money earned through Abyss Token
  2. The cost of purchasing ABYSS will be lower;
  3. Internal communication between developers only works with Abyss Token
  4. All referral and incentive programs are calculated and paid only by Abyss Token
  5. Game auctions and platform items are only available for Abyss Token
  6. Distribution system depends only on Abyss Token
  7. Reward for content creators is paid only by Abyss Token
  8. Abyss Token can freely transfer to friends in the background
  9. When paying for games purchased with the Abyss Token, users are discounted from the cost of the platform. This Abyss Token advantage over currency.
 Special features of the Abyss Token:
The benefits of participating in The Abyss:
  • Get access to multiple games at the same time anywhere in the world
  • Get rewards when introducing games to friends, relatives with 5-level commission system.
  • Earn extra income from creating content, tutorials, commentary on a game, certain events on The Abyss
  • Earn extra income from in-game auctions and can co-operate to make money from general activities
  • Can draw a token on Ethereum wallet
  • The "off-network" mode allows the player to retain access to some functional platforms even without an Internet connection.
  • Obtain all other player data if they are interested in being able to interact and make friends
  • Provides visual and video mode of the gaming process for players to post on social networking sites, thereby increasing the amount of interaction.
The benefits of game developers on Theabyss platform:
  • The minimum payment is only 70%
  • Benefited from the introduction of The Abyss (5-level commission)
  • Identify and create an audience-driven content from the beginning of the project
  • Access to specific game statistics
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Customer rotation in each game platform
  • Simple techniques to earn customers from inside and outside
  • Limit fraud or return money from players with ABYSS token
  • Provided full information including user feedback, reviews of sites about the project.

3. The Project's Roadmap

Q3 2008 : Establish the foundation of Destiny.Games (video game company)
Q3 2016The idea of ​​creating a new game portal

Q2-Q3 2017Test the integration of blockchain technology into new concept
Q4 2017Presenting the concept of The Abyss - a new generation digital release platform
Q1 2018Token sales (DAICO)
Q2 2018 : Start of Abyss Platform Development
  • Presenting the concept of The Abyss to game developers
Q3-Q4 2018:  The operational phase of the platform development
  • Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project
  • Partner agreement with game projects
Q1 2019:  Launch of the first version of The Abyss platform
  • API to integrate the project
  • Consolidated currency invoice
  • Consolidated authorization system
  • Integrate multi-level referral programs
Q2 - Q4 2019:  The positive development of the platform

  • Expand the number of connected projects;
  • Introduce personalized and socialized systems;
  • Introduction of detailed reporting system;
  • Introducing the Internal CPA Network.
Q1-Q4 2020: Extends functionality to the platform: 
  • Motivational programs;
  • Ability to create and evaluate content;
  • Auction;
  • Team;
  • Game achievements.
  • Community Funding Platform (Crowdfunding)
  • Continue to expand the platform
  • Team development
4. TheAbyss Development Team

4. TheAbyss Development Team

The Abyss development team from Russia, gathered from the team of Destiny Games, the leading game publisher of the CIS region.
- Konstantin "Sephiroth" Boyko - Romanovsky : Founder, over 17 years experience in the game industry. Founder of Destiny.Games video game company. A successful blockchain investor, cryptocurrency expert, and enterpreneur technology
- Vladimir Kurochkin : President at The Abyss and Destiny.Games. He has over 12 years of experience in the gaming industry, with considerable experience in project development and management. At Destiny.Games, he worked his way from a web project administrator to the president.
- Artem "Shanni" Veremeenko: Game producer, a top game designer and screenwriter with 14+ years of experience in the gaming industry. Author of F2P Bot2 Online Game. He has been working at Destiny.Games since 2008 since the company was founded.
- Evgeny Petrov: Marketing Manager
- Virginia Lam : Marketing
- Stanislav Kuzin: VP development platform
- Vladimir "Vampkill" Martynov: Technical Director
- Albert Tugushev: Head of Software Engineering
- Alexey Kobelev: Tech Lead, Blockchain Engineer
- Stepan Leshchenko: Artistic Director
- Anton Chertikovtzev: maintenance director
- Evgeniy Kharchenko : Head of customer service

Any many other Destiny.Games staffs and advisors
4. TheAbyss Development Team

5. The Abyss Token Details

The Abyss Token Details
- Project title: The Abyss
- Token Code: ABYSS
- Token type: ERC20 standard
- ICO tokens: 362,250,000 ABYSS (40% of the total token)
- The amount of tokens  distributed to the Company & Advisors: 21% (locked within 12 months)
- Reversed:  18% (locked within 6 months)
- Bounty:  1%

5. The Abyss Token Details
The Abyss Fund Distribution
  • 20% for architecture and software
  • 15% for the development and distribution of video games
  • 30% for marketing
  • 25% for project development
  • 5% for backup
The Abyss Token Sale
  • KYC / AML verification is required
  • Allow citizens around the world (including the United States)
  • Time : Beginning April 18, 2018.
  • Accept payments by ETH and BNB
  • Price: 1 ETH = 6500 ABYSS 1 BNB = 169 ABYSS
  • MAXIMUM TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY: 905.625M. Unsold will be destroyed.
  • SOFT CAP: 11 538 ETH. If the target is not met, all investments will be repaid.
  • HARD CAP: 34 615 ETH + 300 000 BNB
  • Minimum investment:  0.2 ETH or 1000 BNB
  • Maximum investment: The first 24 hours are 20 ETH, then unlimited
The Abyss Token Sale
  • First 48 hours: + 25%
  • Days 3 - 7: + 15%
  • Days 8 - 14: + 10%
  • Days 15 - 21: + 5%


- Website:  https://theabyss.com
- Telegram:  https://t.me/theabyss
- Twitter:  https://twitter.com/theabyss
- Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/theabyss
- Whitepaper:   https://theabyss.docsend.com/view/nff9r2c
- Bitcointalk:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2526681

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