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What is Egretia? The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Engine and Platform - Egretia ICO Project Review

What is Egretia? The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Engine and Platform. Should we invest in Egretia ICO? What is the advantages and disadvantages of Egretia? You can find your own answers for the questions  is in this article Egretia ICO Project Review
What is Egretia? The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Engine and Platform - Egretia ICO Project Review

What is Egretia?

The HTML5 Technology is globally recognized, and it covers mobile games, the internet, advertising, video, and other industries.
Despite the rapid development of this technology, there are still some pain points including the lack of a global and unified secure payment solution. Lack of solutions that can store the virtue assets of users. The lack of a mechanism that ensures fairness of games. Lack of solutions that can rapidly respond to the distributed back-end communications. Lack of a method that can protect the intellectual properties of the HTML5 products and the need for an effective mechanism that can motivate teams to develop apps and games that are of high quality.
Egretia is the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain engine and platform. The vision of the platform is to bring 200,000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 Devices to the blockchain technology.
The Egretia platform will provide the digital token Egreten that can be combined with other games and also used by players to trade virtual goods in a safe and efficient manner. The token will be the first token that will connect different games.
Egretia blockchain will be based on the delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism whose aim will be to optimize the HTML5 game performance. This mechanism is similar to a board vote where coin holders will cast a certain number of nodes using the bookkeeping and verification mechanism.

What is the Egretia Solutions?

Egretia Lab started developing its project in mid-2017. The team is aimed at creating one of the largest and most complete platforms of HTML5 blockchain. In the second quarter of 2018, it shall launch Egretia v1.0 version, which will release many functions such as essential public chains, development tools, and smart contracts. In the third quarter of 2018, it is planned to launch the first release of games and Egretia blockchain applications, where many key functions, development tools and intellectual contracts will be realized.
What is the Egretia Solutions?
In addition, Egretia Lab has entered into a strategic partnership with world-renowned sports game developer Gala Sports and first-line game developers in Southeast Asia and North America. It will apply Egretia blockchain technology to their games to enhance the game security and promote the popularity of platform tokens worldwide. In the future, Egretia Lab will also support more mainstream public chains and advance the conception and consolidation of blockchain in every field!
As the world's first platform for blockchain services and the HTML5 ecosystem, Egretia Lab has teamed up with Egret Technologies to work with market giants. They combined blockchain technology with existing and already proven tools, reached the necessary agreements with Internet communities and strategic partners to attract 20,000 developers and billions of mobile users of Egret Technologies to the world of blockchain.
Currently, Egretia Lab has integrated existing HTML5 technologies and productivity tools to successfully create the world's first technology to create gaming machines on the blockchain. Developers can easily and easily create games on the blockchain through the Egretia Lab toolkit and use the blockchain to move virtual assets between games. At the same time, Egretia Lab has built four major platforms: a distributed communications and storage platform, a game distribution platform, a virtual trading platform, an Egretia advertising platform and an Egretia incubator. They provide complex solutions and blockchain services to players, content providers, channels and advertisers to create a full balanced ecosystem.

Review Egretia ICO Project

Egretia Team and Advisors

The core members of Egretia Lab all come from world-class Internet enterprises and renowned companies, such as Adobe, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Electronic Arts, etc. They have over 20 years of accumulated technology experience.
Egretia Team and Advisors
Peter Huang, Founder of Egretia, co-founder of Egret Technologies and former Adobe platform technology manager, has extensive product development experience and technical capabilities. He has 18 years of experience in internet project and game development.
Dirk Meyer, Senior Program Manager at Adobe, with more than 20 years of experience in global project management. Made great contribution to Adobe strategic business plans and innovative programmes. He is also a blockchain expert and investor. 
Yin Ma, an expert in compilers and toolchains, has nearly two decades of experience in compiler development of operating system platform. Created fastest Fortran compilers for Intel / AMD. Used to work in Microsoft, Absoft, etc.
Ross Przybylski, founder of D20Studios and former producer of Electronic Arts. With more than 15 years of experience in software development and 10 years of experience in game development, focusing on developing great games.
There are many talents in Egretia's advisory team, including Dr. Lucas Lu, Founder and CEO of CyberMiles.
Egretia Team and Advisors

Egretia's Roadmap

Egretia's Roadmap

Egretia Token details: Token sales and fund distribution

There is no official announcement from Egretia team but the token sale may be opened about 5/11-5/15. More information about Egretia token details will be updated later

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