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Review Merculet ICO - The Ecosystem for Value Distribution for Internet Users

Hi! friends! In this article I will introduce/review a very promising ICO in this April named Merculet. The main idea of Merculet is to build an Ecosystem for Value Distribution for Internet Users. So why we should invest in Merculet ICO? What makes Merculet valuable? Let's find out and discuss in this article.
Today, social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on has become very very popular and used everyday. The value of the network is created by the users, but the value that the users created only returns to the network owner. This is quite absurd, but everyone agrees.
Review Merculet ICO - The Ecosystem for Value Distribution for Internet Users

Merculet - The Ecosystem for Value Distribution for Internet Users


Since the Internet was born in 1991, it has grown rapidly and steadily, pulling off a slew of published data on the Internet and generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue for large companies. The Internet not only provides information but also brings many economic and commercial values ​​to multinational corporations like Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Twitter, ...
Along with the development of the Internet, social networking was born that has had a great impact on our lives, it has changed a lot of things around us. We have been stolen a lot of personal information, time, mood and emotions by the social networks while we contribute to creating billions of dollars worth of big business.
So the question is, "How can we redistribute those economic values ​​for us?" Every time, every information, every emotion, every click... Is there any return value for us?
To give the answer for this question, Merculet was born. The goal of Merculet is to reallocate  and distribute values to billions of internet users, consumers and businesses.

What is Merculet?

As mentioned above, the social networking platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter) are now worth hundreds of billions of dollars, which is created by the internet users based on the content and interaction between them. But all the money are flowing into the pockets of corporations, even we might be charged for what we have created.
What is Merculet?
To resolve this problem, Merculet has created an Attention Value Network provided by the MVP tokens. The token connects both the supply and demand sides of an open protocol. To become the Global Business Growth Center, Merculet uses blockchain technology and its User Attention Value (UAV) system to turn attentions into user value-added tokens. When users are paying attention to any information, companies value the "attention", turn it into a part of the value chain of the company, and pay the user accordingly.

Merculet Solution Details

The first component of Merculet is the User Attention Value (UAV). This will be used to measure the value of the attention that the user provides. The evaluation will come with a bonus system
Merculet builds an Attention Value Network based on attention and uses open protocol groups to connect demand and provide that attention. Merculet also helps enterprises to grow their business by creating a positive ecosystem of feedback based on the digital content put into the ecosystem. In the future, users will get financially based on their attention, time and attention, and businesses have more accurate data for their business strategies.
Entrepreneurs can manually issue User Attention Token (UAT) to the user based on UAT value and will retain the value of MVP Token at different rates at different times. This facilitates the synergy and exchange of value among entrepreneurs
Merculet has built an open content platform that is based on consensus and driven by Tokens, becoming the sources of user attention, and encouraging all the users in the ecosystem to actively promote the positive cycle of the global content ecosystem as participants
Open content platform
Technologically, Merculet uses multi-tier architecture to balance the performance of mass Internet users, a large number of intermediate states and the performance of the underlying public chain.

Merculet's Roadmap

Merculet's Roadmap

Merculet Team & Advisors

Merculet has a strong DEV team and advisors who have many year experiences from working in famous companies such as SAP, HP... that included experience in blockchain technology development, project management... and consultant.
Ivan Jiang (CEO) is also known as "Reid Hoffman of China" for his excellent work in Silicon Valley. He works for many companies like HP, SAP and works alongside well-known global brands such as Alibaba and NetEase.
Jerry Gao (CPO), has over 10 years of UI/UE product experiences and mobile phone. He is responsible for P&G and Shanghai General Motor's e-commerce and DMP systems. He is the Data Solutions Advisor of Vivaki Data Systems and the Ad Exchange System Leader. He has extensive knowledge about advertising, marketing and e-commerce.
Merculet Team & Advisors
Shou Cheng Zhang (Advisor), Founding Chairman of Investment Group DanHua Capital has a solid investment capital. Zhang is a professor at Stanford University and a genius in quantum physics.
Shen Bo (Advisor)Founder of Fenbushi Capital and BitShares. FenBushi Capital has a trio of people including Vitalik Buterin. Fenbushi has invested in many famous and successful projects including: Circle, Factom, Sia, TenX, VeChain, ZCash.
Roger Lim (Advisor), Director of Qlink Fund. founding member of NEO Global Financial Group, a strategic partner of Merculet. NEO Global Capital has invested in large blockchain projects including: Bluezelle, Zillaqa, Trinity, Ontology, Mainframe, Switcheo
Merculet has also taken partner with many companies, includes:
- ELEX, a company specialized in distributing foreign video games for many years
- Newborntown, having many years of experience in the advertising industry, wrote the app.
- Zhuishushenqi: there are huge user data both at home and abroad. These applications include about four to five hundred million users.
- Magicwindows: a big business in content distribution.

Merculet Token Sales & Distribution

Token Distribution

- Token reserved for foundation team: 35%
- Marketing: 15% (Wow! )
- Team and Advisors: 20%
- Token sales: 30% =>> Quite little, in my opinion, 50% is a reasonable ratio.

Merculet Token Sales & Distribution

Merculet Token Details

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 MVP 
Softcap: 10000 ETH 
Hardcap: 31000 ETH 
KYC Request for Private Sale and Public Sale
Private Sale: 16000 ETH 
1 ETH = 105.000 MVP (20% bonus)
Min Contributions: 150 ETH
Max Contributions: 1000 ETH
Vesting Period: 5 months (20%/month)
Public Sale: 15000 ETH 
1 ETH = 87500 MVP
Min Contribution: 0.1 ETH
Max Contributions: 5 ETH
No vesting period

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