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Review Galaxy eSolution (GES) project - A good ICO to invest in 2018 (1ETH = 10000 GES token, min 0.1ETH)

In this article, we are talking about Galaxy eSolutions ICO (GES) - A project to help customers access the refurbished consumer electronics market. This review includes 4 parts:
1) What is Galaxy eSolutions (GES) ?
2) Galaxy eSolution ICO & GES token details
3) Galaxy eSolutions - Features and Advantages
Now Let's start.

Review Galaxy eSolution (GES) project - A good ICO to invest in 2018

Review Galaxy eSolution (GES) project - A good ICO to invest in 2018

1) What is Galaxy eSolutions (GES)?

Galaxy eSolutions, or GES, describes itself as “a global cross-border e-commerce business that is set to become the market leader in pre-owned and refurbished consumer electronics sector.” The company is headquartered in Hong Kong.
Galaxy eSolutions aims to get a slice of the fast-growing refurbishment marketplace. The company maintains a refurbishment factory in China. Consumer electronics – like smartphones – pass through this refurbishment factory. The items that meet Galaxy eSolutions’s standards of quality are sold to consumers through four different retail websites. Galaxy eSolutions offers a 13-month warranty, and consumers can access the same electronics at a significantly lower price.
Galaxy eSolutions sells tokens (GES token) as a business development and expansion step. Funds collected from token sales will serve as one of the requirements of the GES to get a refurbishment permit. With its ability to refurbish multiple brands of electronic devices, Galaxy can certainly sell its goods for less than the price of refurbished electronics sold by the original company. This does not mean that the goods sold by galaxy are counterfeit goods because the Galaxy obviously has a license for it.
Galaxy eSolution ICO & GES token details

2) Galaxy eSolution ICO & GES token details

GES token details
GES is the only means of payment that can be used in Galaxy eSolutions. This is the currency that will be used by each user to make a sale and purchase transaction. This token will also be used by the platform to provide rewards for its users. Yes, the platform will reward each transaction.
- Galaxy eSolutions ICO has scheduled from Feb 28, 2018 to Mar 31, 2018
- GES token distribution: pre-sale 39%, 50% ICO (crowd sales), team 9.5%, bounty 1.5%
Total tokens for sale are 300,000,000 GES.
- Galaxy eSolutions is only accepting ETH for its crowdsale.
  • 1 ETH = 10,000 GES + Bonus!
  • Minimum: 0.1ETH
  • Set Gas Limit: 100,000
  • Gas Price: recommend 20+ Gwei
Galaxy eSolution Team members
Galaxy eSolution Team members

Galaxy eSolutions is led by Yuen Wong (Co-Founder and CEO), Joe Chan (CTO), Erik Hohmann (CMO), and Chris Wong (COO).
Galaxy eSolution roadmap

Galaxy eSolution roadmap
You can find more details about Galaxy eSolution at:
- Official Website: https://galaxy-esolutions.com
- Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2715023.0
- Whitepaper: http://whitepaper.galaxy-esolutions.com/GES_Business_Deck_Full_Version_EN.pdf
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GalaxyeSolutions
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Galaxye_eSol
- Telegram: https://t.me/gesico

3) Galaxy eSolutions - Features and Advantages

Galaxy eSolutions achievements
Many retailers like Best Buy have refurbishment programs. Now, Galaxy eSolutions wants to create a refurbishment program that sells consumer electronics worldwide
The team has been working in the refurbished consumer electronics space since 2016, when they launched their first website. By Jan 2017, they were processing 50 orders per day before, then reached 100 orders per day on their refurbished Android website. By March 2017, they were processing $1 million USD in sales each month in 10 countries worldwide.
The entire business process is managed by Galaxy eSolutions. They don’t partner with a refurbishment company to process phones, nor do they partner with an online retailer. Instead, all work is done by the company itself. Today, Galaxy eSolutions customers can buy refurbished electronics from 26 countries. The company sources, refurbishes, and distributes products itself.
Galaxy eSolutions  features/ advantages
Support Cryptocurrency payment:
Galaxy eSolutions platform uses a payment tool called GES tokens. The role of decentralization in blockchain also plays an important role in pricing.
Galaxy eSolutions is definitely a platform that implements a decentralized system. This allows the platform to sell the refurbished electronics without taxes. Without taxes then the price of the refurbished electronics is definitely cheaper. Galaxy eSolutions also works with blockchain-based logistic companies to reduce shipping costs.
The principle is simple, the cheaper the prices of an item the more people are interested to buy. But you should not forget that quality electronic goods obviously have a relatively more expensive price (even for a refurbished electronic device). With so many online shopping media, buyers will compare the cheapest price (regardless of the credibility of the shopping site they use).
Galaxy eSolutions emphasizes lower costs because it controls every stage of the refurbishment process. They own a refurbishment factory, and they process all retail transactions themselves. This means they control the price and quality.
Galaxy eSolutions will obviously provide refurbished electronics that match the description of the item. The platform works with several parties, one of whom is an independent party that provides licenses and warranty on every product sold Galaxy eSolutions.
Galaxy eSolutions has a 13 month warranty on all consumer electronics sold through their refurbishment program. They describe this warranty as “unmatched for professionally refurbished electronics” (to be fair, most provide 12 month warranties).
Speed to Market:
Galaxy eSolutions promises to get consumer electronics to the market more quickly than its competitors. Because the company controls the whole supply chain, it’s in full control of all processes required before reaching the market. They don’t need to wait for suppliers or third-party refurbishment companies.

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