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What is the Limit of Google Blogger (Blogspot) - Impressive Numbers!

Blogger and WordPress are the two most widely used free blogging platforms in the world. Blogger is provided by Google. Google blogs have domain names like that subdomain.blogspot.com, that is why sometimes we call Blogspot instead of Blogger with the same meaning.
Blogger / Google does not spend time monitoring our blogs, and what resources we use. Neither bandwidth or storage size is limited. However, there are some limits on the content, which may restrict growth of our blogs. If we're aware of these limits, we can work around them.
What is the Limit of Google Blogger (Blogspot) - Impressive Numbers!
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What is the Limit of Google Blogger (Blogspot)

1. The limit of Blogger Account

- The minimum Age of Blogger's owner: 13-year-old
- The maximum Number of Blogs that one account can create: 100 (But you can create unlimited Google Account. LOL )
- The maximum of Blog's Authors: 100 authors/1 blog
- The maximum number of blogs that one account can Follow: 300

2. The limit about Blogger Information

- The maximum length of the Blog's Title: 90 characters
- The maximum length of Sub-domain (subdomain.blogspot.com): 37 characters
- The maximum length of  Blog's Description: 500 characters (do not support HTML)
- The maximum length of 'About Me' page: 1200 characters
- The maximum length of 'Interests & Favorite' page: 2000 characters

3. The limit of Blogger Contents

- The maximum number of Posts: Unlimited
- The maximum number of static Pages: 10 pages/1 blog
- The maximum number of Labels: 5000 label /1 blog
- The maximum length of a Label: 200 characters
- The maximum length of a single Post: Unlimited
- The maximum size of a blog page (homepage, single post...): 1 MB (*)
- The maximum length of  Post Title: 39 characters
- The maximum number of Comments: Unlimited
- The maximum length of a Comment : 4096 characters
- The maximum width of an Image: 1600 px.
- The maximum size of an Image: Unlimited (Blogger Mobile limits image's size to 250 KB each)
- The maximum size of Blog's Host (Picasa Web Albums): 15 GB /1 account (*)

(*) If the size of a page exceeds 1 MB, your blog will show the error:  “006 Please contact Blogger Support.” . To fix this error, you have to limit your blog paging (for example, we limit the number of posts in your blog's label page by add ?&max-results= at the end of the URL: https://www.easytipz.com/search/label/Webmaster?&max-results=6)
(**) If you have not upgraded your Blogger profile to Google+, you will have 1 GB to store your images (Picasa Web). If you have upgraded to Google+ then you will have 15 GB for all Blogger – Google Drive – Gmail…


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