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Compare Shared hosting vs VPS hosting and Dedicated server. What type of web hosting will you choose?

To choose the best type of web hosting is important for all webmasters, it not only affects the performance and stability of the website, but when it comes to moving or changing the host, it will be complicated and affect to the smoothly operation. Currently, there are 3 popular types of web hosting for webmasters to choose: Shared host (re-seller hosting is also a shared host type), VPS hosting and dedicated server.
After nearly eight years of webmaster experience, I have moved to use a variety of hosts, from shared hosts (from different companies) to VPS hosting and then dedicated server .. Through this article, I want to share a bit of experiences that I found out, hoping to help you in choosing the right type of host for your website.
Compare Shared hosting vs VPS hosting and Dedicated server. What type of web hosting will you choose?

Compare Shared hosting vs VPS hosting and Dedicated server

1) What is a Dedicated Server? What is VPS hosting? And what is a shared host?

- A Dedicated Server is an individual, independent, non-shared server, with technologies that can now extend a dedicated server to infinity by multiplexing many physical servers together
- VPS (Virtual Private Server or Virtual Server) is created by dividing the physical server. Each server is a completely separate system, has its own CPU, its own RAM, its own hard drive space, its own IP address and operating system, the user has full root access and can Restart the system at any time.
- Shared host: A server (VPS or dedicated server) is used to host multiple websites simultaneously (usually hundreds or thousands of websites).

2) Compare Shared hosting vs VPS hosting and Dedicated server

Basically, you can imagine this: A dedicate server can be divided into multiple VPSs, each VPS can be used as multiple shared host accounts. Since then you can compare the basic differences of these three types of hosting.
- Speed and performance load website: Of course the dedicated server is always the best, then VPS hosting, finally the shared host. With large websites (forums with thousands of people online, it is imperative to use a dedicated server or at least VPS hosting, if you use a shared host, your account will be blocked immediately because of server overload.
- System administrator: If using VPS hosting or dedicated server, you must have a certain term in terms of configuration and server administration. When using a shared host, you do not necessarily know that knowledge, but you are simply given an account to log in and set up the website. (The host also supports many configurable hosts. Very fast website, just one click.
- Cost: It is clear that the cost of a dedicated server is always the biggest and much bigger than VPS hosting and Shared host. Specifically, at present, the cost of dedicated server is about $30- $100 / month or more; Also, VPS hosting rates range from $5 to $ 40 per month; Shared hosts range from $3 to $10 per month depending on the provider.
There are many other criteria to compare shared hosts, VPS hosting with dedicated servers such as security, user rights, support, ... However, these factors do not depend much on the type of hosting (shared host, VPS Or dedicate) that depends on the knowledge and skills of the administrator, service provider, technology, etc.

What type of web hosting will you choose?

With about 8-year experiences, I have used many different types of hosting, from Free hosts to Shared hosting of 10 different companies, which are the top ten hosting companies in the world, then end up switching to VPS hosting and Dedicated server. 
With 1 VPS hosting the lowest configuration (512MB RAM, 1 core CPU, 20GB storage, usually unlimited bandwidth) is enough for about a dozen websites with traffic of a few thousand hits per day.
With prices ranging from $5/month, it's cheaper than the usual unlimited host packages but far more powerful than a shared host, you have full control over VPS, so why you choose Shared hosting? The simple reason is to use a shared host easier than with VPS hosting, just login to the host account and configure some steps almost automatically.
In fact, you only need to spend 30 minutes to learn how to configure and use VPS hosting, plus 5 minutes to configure is that you can use VPS hosting with the host manager (control panel) similar to the Shared hosts are commonplace! There are plenty of websites hosting VPS hosting guides on the internet, ask Google.
Once you know how to use VPS hosting, I found it a waste of a hundred dollars to rent a shared hosting.


Choosing the best hosting for a website is important for webmasters, depending on the demands, we can choose from shared hosts, VPS hosting to dedicate servers. However, with the majority of regular website needs, no dedicated server, VPS is the most suitable solution

Good luck!

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