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[Windows Tips] Top 10 Useful Shortcuts in Windows 7

Using shortcuts not only increases your speed but it also helps you to become a professional computer user. All master users are familiar with using shortcuts instead of clicking the mouse several times. There are hundreds of shortcut in Microsoft Windows OS, most of them are useful but sometimes you cannot remember all the shortcut if you do not use it every day...
[Windows Tips] Top 10 Useful Shortcuts in Windows 7

Most keyboard shortcuts in all Windows versions (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012...) are very similar. That is why the below keyboard shortcuts are for Windows 7 but you can also use it in Windows 10, Windows Server...And below are the list of top 10 common and useful shortcuts in Windows 7. Let's use these shortcut daily.

The most useful Windows 7 shortcut keyboards

1) Win + D: Show/Hide desktop (pretty similar with the key: Win + M: Hide all open windows)
2) Win + L: Lock computer
3) Win + [number]: Hide/Show the application on the taskbar or to be "pinned" in the taskbar in order from left to right!
4) Win + E: Open Window Explorer
5) Win + F: Search in Windows
6) Win + R: Run dialog to run the command  (for example, run MSTSC for Remote Desktop Connection)
7) Alt + F4: Close the current window
8) Alt + Tab: Switch between opened windows
9) Alt + D: Move your cursor over the address bar => quite convenient when you surf the web on a laptop without a mouse!
10) Ctrl + Shift + Esc: enable Task Manager (similar to Ctrl + Alt + Del but more convenient because the keys are quite close together)
In addition, there are 2 keyboard shortcut that is very useful but rarely use:
-Win + P: Select a network projector in the slide show mode
-Win + Pause/Break to open the System Properties dialog box


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