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Earn $1000 per month with Infolinks: The best In-Text Advertisingnetwork

The next advertising network I would like to introduce to you in the serial Review The Best CPM CPC Networks is Infolinks - The best In-Text Advertising network. Many Publishers in the world make bank with Infolinks. This is another good Google Adsense Alternative for publishers.
Earn $1000 per month with Infolinks: The best In-Text Advertisingnetwork
An important advantage of Infolinks is they are quite "easy-going", most websites will be approved within 48 hours upon registration. The average eCPM of Infolinks is various from $0.5 to about $6, depends on traffic quality and the content (your website should have more content in text, because they are an In-Text Advertising network)

Some information about Infolinks:

Founded in 2007, Infolinks is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, US with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel and company offices in New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires. Ever since was one of the industry leaders of in-text and intent-based advertising, Infolinks is growing up very fast to become the No.1 In-Text advertising network in the world today.
Infolinks provides many ad-type based on in-text and intent, includes:
  • In-Text
  • In-Fold
  • In-Tag
  • In-Frame
  • In-Screen
With a website has 10k UV/day, we can earn about $900 to $3000 a month, depending on the content (niche), traffic quality and the demands of Advertisers (the demands is usually very high from November to February every year). Infolinks is an in-text and intent-based network, your website should have more content in text in order to get higher eCPMs.
Infolinks Basic Details
Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Types:In-Text, In-Fold, In-Tag, In-Frame, In-Screen
Payment Methods:Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
Minimum Payment Threshold:$50
Payment Frequency:NET45
Conflict With Other Programs
And/Or Exclusivity:
Requirements / Restrictions:None
Website URLwww.infolinks.com

You can also place additional ads from other networks to optimize the total income. But it is not recommended because other ads may significantly reduce the eCPM rate of Infolinks, while the income from such network is usually much smaller than Infolinks.

Note: You should receive the payments from Infolinks via Payoneer to reduce fee. If you do not have an account, Register Now and get free $25 in your account.

Review the Advantage and Disadvantage of Infolinks

Infolinks basic advantages:

- Easy to Join: Your account will be approved within 48 hours (my account was approved within 1 day). They are not as strict as most other network. Infolinks accepts mostly all websites which has good contents (text contents).
- Clean adn "Pleasant" ads: No pop-up, no pop-under and no redirect ad. The ads only appears in "reasonable" places on your website.
- "Light" ads: The ads does not affect to your website's speed. It is very important because many types of ads may cause your website load very slowly. With Infolinks' ads, you website(s) still loads as fast as the wind. LOL
- High eCPM rate: My website gets the eCPM up to $6 eCPM. But others may get higher eCPMs.
Accept all websites from over the world. No minimum requirement, actually.
- Ad optimization: There are many settings for ad optimization in the Control Panel to increase the revenue (see the photo above)

The disadvantages of Infolinks

- Infolinks is an In-text advertising network, so it is not for websites which has no text or has few texts (for example, image site, video site...)
- The eCPM is very high for English contents but I never tried other content languages. If your website is not in English, you should try your self.
Join Infolinks Now and start to monetize your website: Sign Up Infolinks

Infolinks Payment Proof

Earning reports (Infolinks eCPM rate for an English site)
Infolinks Payment Proof
My first payment from Infolinks with a small website (Receive the payment via Payoneer - no fee)
My first payment from Infolinks with a small website
And here are another payment from Infolinks
And here are another payment from Infolinks

Cheers !


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