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[Windows Tips] Top 10 important Windows shortcuts

If you are (or you want to become) an expert/ professional computer user, you are probably already familiar with using shortcuts instead of clicking the mouse several times. There are hundreds of shortcut in Microsoft Windows OS, most of them are useful but you cannot remember all the shortcut if you do not use it every day... (that's why I only collect top important shortcuts in this article)
[Windows Tips] Top 10 important Windows shortcuts
Using shortcuts not only increases our operation speed on computers but also expresses that you are a professional user, Shortcut keys are very similar in all versions of Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10...). By using only 10 below shortcuts day by day, you would become a master of Windows.

Top 10 important Windows shortcuts:

1) Win + D: Hide/ how all apps on the desktop  (similar with the shortcut Win + M: Hide all apps on the desktop)
2) Win + L: Lock the computer
3) Win + [number]: Hide/ show app on taskbar or pinned to taskbar (number ordered from left to right)
4) Win + E: Open Window Explorer
5) Win + R: Open “Run” dialog box (to run a CMD command, etc)
6) Alt + Tab: Switch to previous app window
7) Alt + F4: Close current window
8) Alt + D: Go to Address bar - useful when you surfing internet with browsers (the same function of shortcut F6 )
9) F2: Rename the selecting entry (file, folder or anything that allows text edit)
10) Ctrl + Shift + Esc:  Open Task Manager (similar to shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del )


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