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5 Reasons Why A Full-Time Job Is Not Always The Best Choice

Full-Time Jobs is almost the default setting in our society, but that does not always make it your best choice! Some people may not recognize, while some others may know but there are several reasons why they are still working full-time. Why you still do if you don't really want to? The money? The status? The fear of failure? Other concerns? Or just because you wish for a peaceful and smooth life ?!
5 Reasons Why A Full-Time Job Is Not Always The Best Choice
Korea and Japan are known as two countries with the tradition of "working like a horse", they work almost 12 -16 hours a day. But in comparison with the US and most Western countries, the working time here has a difference. They only work 8 hours a day, no less and no more. They make plans and work on schedule.
You think what "working style" is better? Work like a horse in Japan or Work on schedule in Westerns? In my opinion, there is nothing wrong here, it is the culture, the habits.

Working Full-Time Is Not Always The Best Choice

Full-time: Working Full-Time or Full-Time jobs means you work all your time at a job (they usually work about 8 hours a day or 40 - 44 hours a week, depends on the policy and law of each country)
Part-time: Working Part-Time or Part-Time jobs means you only work at the job in a certain time, even your spare time (they usually work about 2 - 4 hours a day)
If you still think that Full-Time jobs are always the best choice for you, then you must read this article carefully. It gives you some useful information. And If you are working Part-Time, then this article will energize you. Be confident about your choices and keep going on, there's a lot of wonderful things are waiting for you ahead.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose to work part-time rather than full-time:

1. You Don’t Need to Work Full-Time

Do remember: We would focus on how much money we earn, rather than how much time we work.
You Don’t Need to Work Full-Time
If you only work about 2 hours a day to get the same income then there is no reason that you have to work all the day. Working part-time help you save more time to think and make plans before doing anything. You also have more time for family, friends ... and other things to get some other income. Below are some advantages of working part-time:
- Get more productive and therefore get higher paying rate
- Become your own boss and get all the revenue you made, you don't have to share it for anyone else.
- Have more time for find/ create many other income sources.

2. You can save more time for your friends and family

You can save more time for your friends and family
You work less but still earn enough for your life, and you can save your time for other better things, such as: play some sports, take care for your kids and your family, discuss with your friends or make some new friends, and even invite your friends for a drink in your free time...
You can also have more time to relax or for your hobbies.

3. You will be more creative and easy to learn new things

You will be more creative and easy to learn new things
Having more time with your friends, family and relaxing helps you improve your creative thinking. You have the creative freedom now. No dead-line, no pressure, no stress from your bosses, you can breathe a sigh of relief and think deeply every problems to find better solutions.
With part-time jobs, you’ll always have enough time to learn new things that makes life even more awesome. Plus you will learn easily when you feel comfortable and fresh. It is easy to remember new knowledge!
If you are working full-time, you may still get a few training opportunities, but it is for the current job only, and you can hardly remember the lessons when you're completely exhausted after a full-time working day.

4. No more stress

No more stress
No more stress, you only work with your happiness and hobbies. You are your own boss now!
You may still have some pressures but it is your own plans, you work on schedule.

5. You will be more productive and get more choices for your career

You will be more productive and get more choices for your career
If you work part-time, you will have less time - just enough to complete your work. When you’ve got a short amount of time to spend on work you’ll focus better, work faster and make fewer mistakes. That is why you are more productive. If you work full-time, you have enough time to relax, even to surf the internet, read newspaper and online Facebook all the days.
Instead of spending all your time at a full-time jobs, you can work several part-time jobs. You will have more information, comparison to find better one.

Final word

Working full-time is not always the best choice, sometimes, choose to work part-time work is also a great option. The key here is that you must be able to recognize your advantages, disadvantages then go on the right way, choose the right option that best fit you.


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